Kang Daniel Shatters First Week Sales Record For Soloists Within Three Days

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It only took three days for Kang Daniel to break a huge record for soloists – and it is only his first album!

Kang Daniel has impressively broken the total first week sales record for soloists in only a matter of three days!

Photo from KONNECT Entertainment

The Kang Daniel power has been proven again as the newly-debuted soloist shatters yet another record immediately after his arrival with a new album.

After officially becoming the top-selling soloist in terms of first-day sales earlier, the multi-talented idol was able to also take home the best first-week sales among all soloists.

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According to Hanteo, his solo debut album Color on Me has exceeded 400,000 cumulative sales in less than three days. In fact, by July 31 at 12 PM KST, the album has already sold over 404,896 copies.

This marks approximately a mere period of sixty hours for the album to record an amazing number of sales.

Prior to Daniel, EXO’s Baekhyun held the title for best-selling album based on first-week sales among soloists with City Lights which recorded 380,769 copies in its first week.

Moreover, Color on Me ranks second in the list of the highest recorded first-week sales among all albums released in 2019.

It is also the eleventh best-selling album in the entire first-week sales record on Hanteo.

Not only is this an impressive amount of sales especially for debuting artists, but it also writes history as a solo singer usually has less sales volume than groups.

Quite notably, his former group Wanna One’s debut album 1X1=1 (TO BE ONE) sold over 411,000 copies on its first week.

Meanwhile, their repackaged album 1-1=0 (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU) recorded over 418,000 and second mini album 0+1=1(I PROMISE YOU) sold 389,000 on its first week.

The eleven-member group’s special album 1÷x=1 (UNDIVIDED) sold about 354,000. They reached their career-high with their final release 1¹¹=1 (POWER OF DESTINY) which recorded over 438,000 physical copies on Hanteo for its first week.

Source: Hanteo


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