Kang Daniel Sets Up His Own Agency And Adds “CEO” Title To His Name In Preparation For Solo Debut

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Meet the newest young CEO in town – Kang Daniel!

From singer, dancer, rapper, and Korea’s favourite center – Kang Daniel now adds a CEO title to his name as he launches his own agency!

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The former Wanna One member recently set up an office in southern Seoul for the establishment of his own agency named KONNECT Entertainment. The name is a fusion of the words “Korea” and “connect”, which signifies his aim to connect Korea to the rest of the world through his future activities.

“Kang Daniel’s decision to establish a one-person agency is based on his huge desire to return to his fans quickly, together with a variety of reviews of the company’s types that fit his long-term activities,” a source from KONNECT Entertainment stated on June 10.

“This is because his own agency, which can move intensively and effectively, is best suited to help him prepare quickly for his activities and promote as soon as possible,” they added.

Recent Activities

Early this year, Daniel faced against his former agency LM Entertainment in the court to file a termination for his contract. This is due to violations made by the agency regarding the exclusivity of the idol’s contract, which included selling parts of his contract rights to a third party.

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With this, Daniel decided it would be difficult to continue his contract after losing trust in his company. Eventually, the court sided with him and terminated his contract with the company, leaving the idol free to conduct his own activities without the agency’s interference.

On the night of June 9, the idol met with his fans again after such a long time through a live broadcast on his personal Instagram account. There, he revealed that he is already working on his music and gearing up for his solo debut.

Additionally, the multi-talented artist also shared that he is deeply involving himself in the production process of his music, most especially writing and composing his songs.

With the establishment of his own agency, Daniel will be able to confirm the date of his solo debut and introduce more details about it soon.