Kang Daniel Receives The Most Votes On Idol Chart Rankings For 148 Weeks

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Kang Daniel displays his admirable popularity, dominating the idol chart rankings for an unbelievable 148 consecutive weeks!

Soloist Kang Daniel illustrates his incredible demand, topping the Idol Chart rankings in South Korea for 148 consecutive weeks. According to the idol chart, the artist amassed a sizable 536,662 votes during the third week of January, which was tallied for the chart until the 21st. For 148 consistent weeks, Daniel garnered the most amount of votes for his popularity ranking.

kang daniel

Following Kang Daniel were many other notable stars in the industry. This includes Lim Young Woong who scored 463,868 votes, Jimin who received 59,539 votes, Lee Chan Won with 55,349 votes, V tallying 35,512 votes, Song Ga In with 38,800 votes, Young Tak with 26,338 votes, Jungkook scoring 29,657 votes, Kim Ho Jung tallying 19,955 votes, and Jin who received 19,536 votes.

Furthermore, according to “likes” which can also gauge the scale of the stars’ fandom, Kang Daniel also received the highest numbers. The artist claimed 56,264 likes while Lim Young Woong scored 51,123, Lee Chan Won received 6784, Jimin achieved 6030, Song Ga In scored 4342, Young Tak received 4110, Kim Ho Joong tallied 3799, V scored 3755, Jungkook received 1897, and Jin scored 1438 likes.

Kang Daniel’s skyrocketing fame continues to reveal itself through sales charts and idol brand rankings.

Meanwhile, fans flooded SNS platforms to express their excitement for Daniel’s newest project. The artist announced that he is working on his upcoming album for a February comeback. This marks his return since MAGENTA which released in August of last year.

Source: Star News