Kang Daniel Personally Speaks Up About The Recent Issue With His Agency And Contract

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Kang Daniel had spoken up about the news which had fans worrying throughout the day.

Kang Daniel personally put a stop to circulating rumors by revealing the root of his current issue with his agency on March 3.

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

The former Wanna One center shared his side after it was reported on March 3 that he was engaged in a dispute with his agency LM Entertainment. Earlier that day, news reports about the idol requesting for contract termination with the agency began to surface.

However, LM Entertainment debunked it right away by stating that it did receive proof of content from the artist, but it was not about ending his contract.

“It is about his request to amend a contract clause, which we are currently discussing,” the agency said.

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Later at night, Daniel personally addressed the issue with a post on fan cafe written in both Korean and English.

“As it was abruptly reported today, I am currently in dispute with LM Entertainment,” he confirmed.

The root of the issue

Daniel also revealed what exactly caused his dispute with the agency.

“Because I wasn’t even able to show you how I was doing through SNS and did not want to worry you, I have been continuously asking the management to transfer my SNS account to me so that I could at least convey any news to my fans,” he said.

“I had been waiting for the management to voluntarily transfer the account to me, but the management refused to transfer my SNS account,” the idol added, also mentioning how articles were immediately reported about the dispute today.

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He noted how he was taken aback at the flurry of malicious speculation articles reported about the issue and how he was more worried for his “fans who would be hurt by the facts that are not true”.

The singer-rapper-dancer then said that he had decided to end his wait and gained the courage to open a personal Instagram account at 12 PM on March 4.

“I have given a lot of thought to this decision, and I have to say that this is my sincere act that I have decided for myself and my fans,” he shared. Daniel also expressed his longing for his fans, who have been missing him just as much.

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“I miss you so much,” he wrote in the post. “I was able to pull through during this hard time entirely with our memories together and the love and support you have given me. I will do my best to stand tall before you,” the idol both confessed and promised, relieving his fans of the worry they felt for him earlier that day.

“Please trust me and wait for me. The truth will be known,” he stated, wrapping up the post with more promises to his fans.

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