Kang Daniel Is The Most Anticipated CF Idol Model For 2019, According To Survey

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Kang Daniel stays gold by keeping his crown as the most anticipated CF idol model this year.

Another year marks another win for Kang Daniel as he yet again gets voted as the year’s most anticipated CF idol model.

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

For the second year in a row, Daniel has topped the voting for the annual poll conducted by Mwave. Collecting votes from January 22 to February 3, the poll asked K-Pop fans who they think the “Best CF Model Idol” was. 292,781 fans spoke by casting their votes – and the poll has arrived at a not-so-surprising result.

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The former Wanna One center won by 50.2%, which was equivalent to 146,987 total votes. With this, he righteously remains as the CF King for another year. And as 2019 starts, fans are already on the lookout for more from Daniel in hopes of bringing a three-year streak.

Photo from Mwave

Besides landing endorsements together with his former groupmates in Wanna One, Daniel had also starred in many advertisements on his own in the past year. Some of these included LAP Korea, Hite Extra Cold, Gmarket, Kissing Heart, and Bokut.

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He solely beat out two big K-Pop groups – namely, BTS who collected 47.8%, or 139,962 of total votes which placed them second on the list, and third position BLACKPINK, who got 1% or 3,016 votes. Lastly, landing fourth on the list was EXID’s Hani, who received 1% or 2,816 total votes.

Photo from Mwave

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