Kang Daniel Unveils A Stirring Comeback Teaser

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Get ready Danity, Kang Daniel is on his way to make his much-awaited comeback soon!

Kang Daniel has curiosities rising through the roof! The idol dropped a striking coming soon clip for his upcoming comeback release on his official SNS. 

Mysterious is not even a word that can even begin to define the compelling enigma of this capturing clip. The fifteen-second long video is one that is surely going to leave viewers awe-struck to state the least.

Moreover, the red-tinted stills only furthers the inquisitiveness of fans as to what shade of Kang Daniel they will be treated to this time, given the artist’s penchant for emblazing colors with his last two releases CYAN and MAGENTA. 

Kang Daniel

The snippet features a delirious Daniel laying on the ground in a dazed fashion. The intensity that each frame through the video contains, is simply astounding. Meanwhile, the looming whistle melody in the clip only takes its overall ominous vibe to the next level. 

The shifting stills give a glimpse into what seems to be a dark alter-ego of the vocalist as he is seen adorned in edgy all-black ensembles amidst puzzling backdrops. The teaser then ends with a cryptic close-up shot of the singer’s eye before unfolding the release date of the comeback. 

Kang Daniel

The upcoming release will mark the sweet soloist’s comeback eight months after his stellar album MAGENTA last year. Featuring some much-loved numbers like “Who U Are” and “Waves” to name a few, it truly reflects that Kang Daniel is the epitome of the term “musical genius”. 

The singer also recently dazzled listeners with his euphonious harmonies. On January 15, the singer appeared on his first-ever American collaboration with EDM producer Inverness and singer-songwriter Anthony Russo. The trio unveiled a bedazzling single titled “State of Wonder“. The riveting rhythm of the track combined with the singer’s sweet-toned melodies was enough to leave fans wonderstruck. 

Kang Daniel

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will release his upcoming comeback album on multiple music sources on February 16, 6 PM KST. 

Video and Image Source: Konnect Entertainment