Kang Ha Neul Officially Joins The Army On September 11

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Fans will be missing Kang Ha Neul, especially his bright smiles.

Actor Kang Ha Neul officially entered a boot camp in  Nonsan City, Chungcheongnam-do in the afternoon of September 11. As the actor said before, he would have a low-key enlistment, with only his family members seeing him off.

However, there were some reporters and fans coming to the enlistment ceremony to bid farewell to him.

The heartthrob expressed his apology to reporters for coming a long way, and delivered a short last greeting to them. He also took friendly selfies with fans before joining the boot camp.

After undergoing a basic training in four weeks, the actor will serve as a military police officer of the Republic of Korea’s Capital Defense Command.

Earlier on, Kang took to his Instagram with a long heartfelt message and some photos of his hair being shaved by his close friends. He said that this post might be the last one of his 20s as he will come back in his 30s.

The actor reminisced about his precious moments and projects in his 20s. He wanted to give a kiss to his filmography. He also expressed excitement on the upcoming two years with a new environment, people and energy. He sincerely hoped that everyone would spend the happiest days of their life.

All the best to Kang Ha Neul and his future career!

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