Kang So Ra Delivers Marriage Announcement Through Heartfelt Letter To Fans

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Lovely actress Kang So Ra is set to tie the knot before the month ends.

Personally confirming the news, the actress is set to wed her non-celebrity groom on August 29. Kang So Ra conveys her thoughts in a handwritten letter released today, August 17. Confessing to her fans her woes after greeting them for a long time, she relayed how she mustered courage to share the news in person.

Acknowledging the support she received since her debut 11 years ago, she is filled with happiness and gratitude beyond words.

“Thanks to your support and love for 11 years, I was able to come here with great effort. I am sincerely grateful for always being there with me,” she said.

“I, Kang So-ra, who treated you as a younger brother or friend, older sister, or older sister, will get married at the end of August. You must have been very surprised by the sudden news. I met a good person who wants to be with me in my future life, so I am delivering this good news in writing,” Kang So Ra added.

Promising to repay her supporters with a happy marriage and hard work for her future projects, she hopes for everyone’s safety and healthy life.

Below is Kang So Ra’s letter

Kang So Ra

Earlier, Plum Entertainment, Kang’s agency confirmed the news further explaining that the ceremony will be held private in light of the COVID-19 situation.

Asking fans of the actress for understanding, the agency implores blessing and support for Kang So Ra who will be starting a new milestone in her life.

“In consideration of the non-celebrity status of the prospective groom and the couple’s family, other specific matters will be kept private. She will continue to greet you with good works and activities as an actor in the future,” the agency stated.

Known for her flexibility, Kang So Ra is known for her roles in Misaeng, My Lawyer, Mr. Jo and Doctor Stranger.

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Photos: Plum Entertainment