Kang Sora transforms into a femme fatale in ELLE

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Actress Kang Sora has transformed into a femme fatale for the first time with help from her new thick smoky makeup.

On the 20th of July, the released photo of Kang Sora in the August edition of fashion magazine ELLE shows her with smoky makeup and clothes revealing her figure, exuding an enchanting aura.

With a height of 168cm and especially long 105cm legs, the slender star reveals her secret to maintaining her good figure after losing 20kg through various methods. She says, “rather than starving oneself, it is better to endeavour to do consistent exercise. I especially like doing walking exercises with my friends or mother along the Han River”.

Kang Sora also revealed that if she had to pick only one of the many things she is currently involved in-movies, dramas, variety, and modelling-she would “choose acting”. Also, she picked movie A Muse’s actress Kim Go Eun as the role model she would most like to emulate, albeit stating that there were many other juniors and peers that she had much to learn from.

More photos and full-length interview with Kang Sora will be released in the August edition of ELLE.

Picture source/Source: Naver

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