KARA to be displayed as artwork

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DSP Media has announced that KARA will be depicted onto art platforms at the TV12 gallery.

Artists Won Jong Shin and Park Ki Il, have joined hands to work on a project featuring the members of KARA on art posters. As Won and Park are two distinguished artists with experience in working with multiple types of mediums, the two will use their capabilities in photography, painting, and many more resources to display their image of KARA.

Idol groups are seldom selected as models for art projects, and the fact that prominent artists have used KARA as an inspiration, proves that the band contributes to the growth of the Hallyu Wave.

More art pieces will be introduced in October and Won and Park’s posters will be available for purchase at the TV12 gallery in the Gangnam district in December.

Sources(News & Photo) – Nate


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