KARA’s Han Seung Yeon discharged from hospital

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On July 7, KARA‘s Han Seung Yeon was admitted into a hospital in Kangnam due to dizziness and severe headaches, both of which are signs of anemia.

Seung Yeon was initially supposed to head down to Singapore to work with KARA on their K5J perfume promotions, but was forced to withdraw from all activities as her condition worsened. She was treated in hospital for a few days, before discharging on the morning of July 11.

The singer regretted not being able to attend the event and shared, “I’m really sorry to the international fans that I didn’t get to keep my promise. I tried to go along with my schedule by going to the hospital to get treated, but it didn’t work according to the way I wanted it to and I’m very sad. I will try my best to be healthy again and get the appropriate rest and treatments.”

Seung Yeon will now resume all activities and join her band members in Malaysia to prepare for the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012.

Sources: enewsWorld, mykpopnote

Photo: soheelover

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