KCC Philippines Brandishes New Home and Exciting Future At “K-NNECTED FOREVER”

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Filipinos who love Korean culture and entertainment marveled at the fantastic virtual treats at K-nnected Forever!

Nestled at its new home, the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines held a virtual launch on March 12. The spectacular kickoff featured stage performances and an interesting tour of the new building.

Viewers were able to practice their ultimate dance moves with the P-Pop girl group Yara, and satisfy their Kravings while cooking up a Korean dish with Chef Sharwin Tee at KCC’s Kitchen.

From awe to fun to excitement, the viewer’s hearts suddenly went dugeun dugeun and kilig when they were treated right after with a special performance from P-Pop Kings SB19 as they sing their top singles featuring the different expanded and new facilities in KCC. Moreover, a spectacular number from South Korea’s top solo artist, Minzy.

At the K-nnected Forever launch party, KCC Philippines has unveiled to the public for the first time its Korean-style interiors as well as current facilities that its future Filipino guests will enjoy when they visit.

KCC Philippines will hold its opening ceremony on March 23. Tentatively, the center eyes March 25 for its public launch. Tune in to KCC Philippines social media channels for the final information.

KCC Philippines New Home

A Mesmerizing Cultural Exhibit

KCC’s new and expanded building is packed with facilities and spaces for a new and exciting future. On the ground floor, guests are in for a treat with a permanent interactive cultural exhibit that features Hansik (Korean Food), Hangul (Korean Language), Hanbok (Korean National Costume), and Korea’s famous tourist destinations.

They can learn to write their names in Hangul and try out different Hanbok designs with a virtual photo booth.

A Library Worth Visiting

The mezzanine houses KCC’s library with a wide collection of 6, 000 books and media resources related to Korean Culture, where everyone may read Korean books, listen to Korean music or watch Korean shows.

There are rooms, nooks and spaces dedicated for those who want to read and listen in solitude as well as for children who want to read Korean children’s books.

Knnected Forever

Look Forward To Language and Culture Rooms

The specialty classrooms for Korean language, painting and other K-Culture-related classes and activities are located on the second floor.

KCC has continuously provided free Korean language lessons as well as Korean culture classes to interested Filipinos, and the classrooms will be the perfect place for them to learn. There is also a common area outside the classrooms where students will have the chance to interact with each other.

The K-Studio and the Cooking Classroom are both located on the third floor where KCC’s students may learn for free sports, dances and how to cook Korean food. Taekwondo uniforms, instruments as well as other costumes are stored there for the free use of students. Guests may also rent the place for any event related to Korean Culture.

Immerse on Extraordinary Korean Art Exhibit

Finally, the fifth floor is where KCC’s exhibits and art installments are located.

For this year, it houses the first kinetic media art installation in the Philippines entitled Punghwa: Light of ASEAN, created by the Korean interactive design group SILO Lab, an interactive media art studio. It was conceived from the fondness of the light culture of both the Philippines and Korea.

The installation is a message of hope and bravery for a normal future despite the ongoing crisis by the use of experiential imagery through lights and sounds.

PR Source: KCC Philippines

For those interested to visit KCC and experience Korea in the Philippines, please wait for announcements in our official social media pages: Facebook – @KoreanCulturalCenterPH, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube: @KCCPHIL. You may also visit our website: https://phil.korean-culture.org/.

K-nnected Forever was organized by the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines in partnership with the Korea Tourism Organization Manila.