KeonU leaves LEDApple due to health issues

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LEDApple is now one member short with the news of member KeonU leaving the group.

KeonU was unable to participate in the promotions for the group’s newest song Run To You, and now he has made the decision to leave the group permanently. LEDApple’s manager updated fans with the following:

“Hello. This is LEDApple’s manager. I regret to inform you of this disappointing news. First of all, I’d like to send my apologies for having to give you this news during their official promotions as well as thank those of you who have loved LEDApple. Due to health issues, KeonU has not been able to participate in promotions, and after a thorough consultation with the company, it’s been decided that he will discontinue LEDApple activities to focus on music composition. We ask that you encourage and cheer on LEDApple and KeonU who are working hard to show a more developed side of themselves during this chaotic time. Thank you.”

It’s unfortunate that he is leaving the group, but we wish KeonU the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Source: Ningin

Image: LEDApple’s Facebook

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