Kim Jae Hwan Announces Cool And Breezy Official Fandom Name

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Fans of Kim Jae Hwan, you now have an official fandom name to call yourselves!

Kim Jae Hwan shared the delightful news about his official fandom name on February 3!

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

The former Wanna One member took himself to Twitter on the night of February 3 to announce the official name of his fandom!

Jae Hwan addressed his fans using the official fandom name WIN:D for the first time via a tweet. Besides asking WIN:D to take care of him as they move forward, he also celebrated the birth of his official fandom by including the hashtag “Happy birthday, WIN:D” and declared the day as “WIN:D Day” on his tweet.

“Finally, the fan club name has been decided. I’m really happy that I can call the name “WIN:D” for my fans who always show me love. Just like the name “WIN:D”, I hope we can fly far together. I love you,” Jae Hwan said on a post from his official fan café following the announcement.

The name won against other suggestions in Jae Hwan’s fan cafe by 49%. According to fans, this is because WIN:D means a lot of things. Among them is the combined meaning of “WIN” which is to earn something by effort and “D” which means to grow by developing.

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Another meaning is that with wind being everywhere around us, it serves as a symbolization of how fans will always be around Jae Hwan to support him every time, everywhere.

After making his presence known on social media with his Twitter, Instagram, V Live, and fan café accounts earlier, Jae Hwan had also revealed his official colors as he gears up for his future activities as a solo artist.

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