Kim Jae Joong Cancels Schedules After April Fools’ Coronavirus Joke

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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong cancels upcoming activities after the backlash he received from the April Fools’ joke he threw.

In March this year, Kim Jae Joong released his new Japanese single “Brava Brava Brava”. He was preparing to promote it on a couple of music shows in Japan. That included TVAsahi’s Music Station and NHK Radio 1’s program Furuya‘s POP A.

Kim Jae Joong

The idol’s agency C-JeS Entertainment recently announced those schedules are to be cancelled. The reason was the insensitive April Fools’ joke, Kim mindlessly shared.

The reality show Travel Buddies was supposed to air its last episode this Saturday on Korean TV channel Life Time. The station is currently deciding whether to broadcast it or not.

On April 1, Kim Jae Joong claimed he was positive for coronavirus. He posted later on the same day an explanation about it being a joke and a way to alert people. The public did not take it so lightly which showed in their reactions.

The artist received negative feedback about his actions. More than 13,000 people signed a petition, asking for the celebrity’s punishment. This resulted in the idol going online to post a formal apology. He apologized to the government, the people who follow current guidelines and to first line personnel fighting the virus.

The government responded to the people who wanted a punishment for Kim. It was explained how in his case that was not possible.

Yoon Tae Ho, a senior Health Ministry official in charge of quarantine work, cleared out when such actions were allowed. According to him, a person may be penalized if they lie to medical staff during an epidemiological investigation or medical treatment. The law in charge of such affairs did not apply to Kim’s case.

The official also advised people to be careful of what they post on social media when it comes to the virus.

Source: Koreaherald

Image Credit: C-JeS Entertainment