Kim Jaejoong’s international fans donate huge sum to ‘Operation Smile’

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Prince JJ, one of JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong‘s international fan clubs, has attracted a lot of attention recently. Members of the fan club reportedly donated a whopping $1,500 USD (1.7 million won) to Operation Smile. This is a non-profit international children’s charity located in the U.S. It offers cleft lip and palate repairs for children and young adults by professional plastic surgeons.

The money Prince JJ donated will be used to pay for the surgeries of six children. Prince JJ revealed they are planning to donate another $1,500 USD to Operation Smile in Singapore. They commented:

“Just like how Jaejoong’s smiles bring joy to us all, we hope that this donation will bring joy to these children and their loved ones.”


Netizens commented:

“Kim Jaejoong’s fanclub is daebak.”

“Kim Jaejoong’s fanclubs are really great.”

“Kim Jaejoong’s fanclub are really really nice.”


It’s great to see Kpop fans banding together and helping those less fortunate, isn’t it?

Source: Koreaboo

Image: ohkpop

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