Kim Junsu practises for his year-end concert

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Photos of Kim Junsu and the live orchestra practising have been revealed. C-JeS Entertainment revealed on December 27:

Kim Junsu is preparing very hard with the music producer and sharing their thoughts together.”

In the photos, Kim Junsu is practising among the violins, cello, brass and chorus singers with the string orchestra band.

An official who watched their practice sessions stated:

“Kim Junsu used various vocal techniques as if his voice itself was an instrument and very beautifully sung the melody. If his solo concert in May should an idol star Kim Junsu’s evolution, then this concert will show you an artist Kim Junsu’s passion and sincerity.”

The performance Kim Junsu is preparing for his year-end concert is a 100% all live performance. Not only that but recently Kim Junsu revealed a surprise digital single Thank U for which he has been receiving lots of love. His first live performance of the song will occur during his concerts.

Kim Junsu’s 2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra will be held on December 29 until 31 at COEX. Tickets for all three days have been sold out and fans are anxiously waiting for the concert day to see the special performance.

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