Kim Rae Won Takes On A “Black Knight” Role For His TV comeback This December

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Kim Rae Won is going to fulfill women’s fantasy in upcoming KBS drama Black Knight.

Kim Rae Won

From his hot surgeon role in 2016’s hit medical drama Doctors, Kim Rae Won suits up to a hopeless romantic portrayal about a man who will get entangled in a dangerous love ride in Black Knight. He is posed to headline KBS year-end drama slot with Shin Se Kyung, who recently wrapped up another fantasy-romance drama Bride of the Water God.

I became a hopeless romantic because of watching Kim Rae Won oppa’s tv series while growing up. *wink  He has such a commanding presence, and one of those actors who can differentiate the roles they give life to in dramas.

Kim Rae Won smoothly transitioned after his sassy role in 2003 rom-com sleeper hit Attic Cat to establish himself as one of the most bankable actor of his generation. Honing his skills to melodramas’ Love Story in Harvard, Say You Love MeWhich Star Did You Come From and A Thousand Days Promise, I thought he will not surprise me anymore until my favorite legal drama to date – Punch.

Kim Rae Won

As if he is not already busy in the the film industry this year, Kim Rae Won is onto a new conquest, gifting a romance story designed to treat Korean drama fans. He recently starred with revered actor Han Suk Kyu for 2017 Korean box office surprise hit – The Prison. He is also set to top bill mystery thriller film – RV: Resurrected Victims, which is set to premiere this October 12.  He will play the role of a prosecutor on a mission to find his mother’s killer until his mother strangely comes back from the dead, intending to kill him.

Kim Rae Won RV: Resurrected Victims

The production team, which will orchestrate this new project, worked on dramas Equator Man and When A Man Loves. So based on those dramas, I hope they can downplay the amount of conflict grit and tears.  I pray they will change in less than two months and just let us kdrama fans bask in a perfect blend of romantic bliss.  *chuckles Drama details are still limited but we will sure keep you posted. This drama will be the second project for both actors, who met on the set of classic Korean rom-com movie My Little Bride.

Recapture his sweet moments with Park Shin Hye in Doctors.

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