Kim Sung Kyu Unveils A Loaded Track List For “INSIDE ME”

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Kim Sung Kyu Draws Attention With Front Page Worthy “INSIDE ME” Track List!

Curiosity about the new songs that Kim Sung Kyu will be releasing grows every day. Now, fans got a little light on the topic after the reveal of the track list for INSIDE ME.

Kim Sung Kyu

The image with the songs’ information reminded of a newspaper’s page, drawing attention from the public. As stated, the new mini-album will include a total of six pieces, including numbers like the intro “INSIDE ME”, “Fade” and “DIVIN'”. Also, the artist participated in writing the lyrics for two of the tracks, those being “Room” and “Climax”.

Moreover, the title song “I’m Cold” is an R&B hip hop piece with a heavy EP sound and guitar riff. Kim Sung Kyu will instantly captivate the ears of listeners with his emotional voice that is able to deliver any feeling.

Previously, the artist shared two types of concept photos, alongside their respective trailer clips. While the first version brought out the idol’s mature and classy side, the second focused on exposing his sexy charisma. Prior to that, he teased about his return with a special video that triggered the excitement of fans.

Anticipation is high about the new music that the singer will present, after being absent from the K-pop scene for a while. The performer finished his military service at the start of this year and later participated in a musical, and even held a solo online concert in November.

Kim Sung Kyu’s comeback has been highly awaited from his fans, who are currently keeping an eye out for more related content to come out. Meanwhile, the artist plans on releasing the third mini-album INSIDE ME on December 14 at 6 pm KST.

Source: xportsnews, Woollim Entertainment

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