Kim Woo Seok Steals Hearts With First Batch Of Teasers For Solo Debut

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Kim Woo Seok shakes the hearts of fans through the first batch of teasers, including photos and a special video clip.

This is what fans have been waiting for, Kim Woo Seok sharing updates for his solo debut! The first teasers of many are already up on various social media sites and they’re making everyone excited.

Kim Woo Seok

May 12 was reserved for three types of pictures, each portraying a different concept and released in between hours from each other. Also, with the first photo came the title of the solo album 1ST DESIRE [GREED]. Needless to say, that raised the curiosity on its own.

Through the K-version official photo, Kim Woo Seok presents an intense charisma with gorgeous accessories and an attention stealing gaze. The tattoo on his neck further compliments the look and adds to the sexy image.

Kim Woo Seok

A few hours later, TOP Media revealed the W-version photo. It made a shocking twist with its completely different vibe compared to the K-version. This one has a warmer feel and shows a different charm of the artist.

Kim Woo Seok

Lastly, the S-version continues the stunning photo strike. Despite the pure light color choice for the clothing, it makes Kim Woo Seok stand out from the darker background. Adding to that, the intensity of the image is still easily noticed through the strong fixed gaze.

On May 13, the idol revealed the first of three short films, the K-version. In it, he successfully shows off a powerful image to match with the first concept photo from the same version.

It is just the start but the soon to be soloist has already stolen hearts with his unveiled teasers. He is ready to continue on with this achievement in the coming days and keep the expectations for his solo debut high and rising.

1ST DESIRE [GREED] will be released on May 25th and will show Kim Woo Seok’s charms as a soloist.

Source: TOP Media, Sports Donga

Image Credit: TOP Media