King Kong saves polar bears

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King Kong family participated in Save the Polar Bears project.

Kim Sun A, Sung Yuri, Lee Dongwook, Kim Bum, Park Minyoung, Lee Kwang Soo, and many other actors and stars have gathered together despite their busy schedules to participate in the project. Joanne Bear Music (Joanne Studio) says, “We’re very thankful that every actor of King Kong Entertainment has willingly participated with the Save the Polar Bears project.”

At this, King Kong Entertainment’s president Lee Jinsung said, “I’m very glad that the agency stars have the opportunity to join together for a meaningful project like this. I hope that through participating in this project to share awareness of the danger that polar bears are in, people will become more aware and know of how endangered these species are.”

The plush toys that the actors took photos with, will be on sale through Jeju Island’s Joanne Bear Museum and online through Joanne Factory. With the profit they make from the sale, they have the intention to donate it to the environmental organizations.

Source: news and photo-The Star

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