Korean Music Awards 2014 results announced

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The 11th annual Korean Music Awards were held on February 28th. The panel selecting winners consists of professionals within the music industry as well as music critics and music radio producers. The results of this year’s ceremony are as follows:

Album of the year: Yoon Young-bae – Dangerous World (위험한 세계)

Song of the year: Cho Yong-pil – Bounce

Musician of the Year: Sunwoo Junga (선우정아)

Rookie of the Year: Rock’n’Roll Radio

Best Rock Album: Yellow Monsters – Red Flag

Best Rock Song: Yellow Monsters – Red Flag

Best Modern Rock Album: Yoon Young-bae – Dangerous World

Best Modern Rock Song: Yoon Young-bae – Dangerous World

Best Pop Album: Sunwoo Junga – It’s Okay, Dear

Best Pop Song: Cho Yong-pil – Bounce

Best Dance & Elecronica Album: Glen Check – YOUTH

Best Dance & Electronica Song : EXO – Growl

Best Rap&Hip Hop Album: Paloalto – Chief Life

Best Rap&Hip Hop Song: Bulhandang Crew (불한당 크루) – Bulhandangga (불한당가)

Best R&B and Soul Album: Zion.T – Red Light

Best R&B and Soul Song: Jinbo – Fantasy

Best Jazz & Crossover Album (Jazz): Nah Youn Sun (나윤선) – Lento

Best Jazz & Crossover Album (Crossover): Salon de Oh Su-Gyeong (살롱 드 오수경) – Salon de Tango

Best Jazz & Crossover Performance: Kim Oki (김오키) – Cherubim’s Wrath

Popularity awards based on votes:

Most popular band: EXO
Most popular male artist: G-Dragon
Most popular female artist: Lee Hi

Source (information and logo): Korean Music Awards
Source (video): Respective YouTube channels

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