Why The Korean Skincare Routine Is Widely Popular Around The World

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South Korea has been known as a beauty industry powerhouse for quite some time. Aside from its contribution to pop culture Kpop, K-food, and amazing fashion, South Korea has also been credited as a leading beauty provider for many around the world. For example, Korean cosmetic product line Rainbow Beauty is known for the 3-Step Horse Oil intensive care routine.

More than the 3-step care, the most famous Korean skincare secret is the 10-step skin care routine which has garnered rave reviews from audiences all around the globe.  If you’re ready to ​​look gorgeous and feel confident, it’s time to take a deeper dive into your skincare routine. Here are some reasons why Korean Skincare is widely popular:

1. Skincare, in Korea, is seen as a long-term investment.

In Korea, skincare isn’t necessarily seen as a “chore” and is instead seen as an investment that should start as soon as women become teenagers. At an early age, women are taught to take care of their skin as a means of maintaining their beauty and this hasn’t stopped since. Ladies as young as 18 years old may already start using skincare products as a way to keep their youthful appearance. It is no secret that when it comes to beauty, taking care of your skin at an early age allows one to age gracefully.

2. Hydration is key.

Many Korean skincare products focus on hydration rather than matte properties. The latter of which is found to be quite popular in Western and tropical countries. This is because as we grow older, the natural oils found on our skin tend to diminish over time. To keep our skin’s youthful appearance, several Korean moisturizers provide hydrating formulas and essences that protect and maintain your skin’s elasticity.

3. It doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Many often see skincare routine as a “chore” because we simply do not have time to perform all the necessary steps. However in Korea, several of its products available are packaged in fun and whimsical bottles, packs, and wrappers to allow users the chance to find out what’s best for them while still have fun!

4. Korean Skincare Products Use Natural Ingredients.

Several chemicals are often added to skin care products which can do more harm than good. To combat these harmful effects, most Korean skincare products use natural ingredients that have been known to provide long-lasting effects. Additionally, several of its products also use gentle formulas so customers with sensitive skin won’t have to endure harsh acids when toning their skin.

5. Korean Skincare Products are more affordable.

Many believe that a skincare routine requires spending a lot of money on expensive creams and serums but that is not usually the case. In Korea, several companies provide affordable options so men and women from different classes can take care of their skin without compromising on quality. Additionally, these affordable products also made their way into other countries and have since established stores in the United States, China, Japan, and the Philippines to name a few.

6. Wide Variety.

When it comes to shopping for beauty products, many people may not be able to find the right kind of soaps and lotions for their type of skin. In South Korea, several beauty companies offer a wide range of different types of facial cleansers, serums, creams, and the like so people with different skin types can find which one works best for them.

7. Skincare Promotes Self-love.

Other than an investment, taking care of your skin is also seen as a way of taking care of yourself. By providing our skin with much-needed nourishment and pampering, Korean women see this as an epitome of how you value yourself each and every day. After a tiring day of work, many women undergo their own personal skincare routine to unwind and relax, while in the morning their skincare routine is seen as a way to prepare for their day ahead.

Korean Innovations are Taking Over

Since the past decades, Korean products have completely changed the skincare and makeup industry and that is because they are investing heavily in constant research and product development. Due to the fact that they are always developing new and exciting products, other companies from all over the world are still struggling to compete with South Korea’s impact.

One example is South Korea’s introduction of the cushion foundation in 2011. The cushion foundation is a lightweight product that evens out your blemishes and skin imperfections quickly. These foundation compacts also come with a mini sponge that allows users to add touch-ups throughout the entire day.

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