Koreans favor who, more than PSY?

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While superstar PSY has been dominating the global K-pop scene, but back home, what do the Koreans think? Apparently not much of what the international fans thought so, it seems.

In a most recent survey by Gallup Korea, a nationwide mobile phone survey was carried out on 1,005 adults randomly. The findings concluded that although 74 percent of the respondents had seen the music video of PSY’s latest hit Gentleman compared to 64 percent who had listened to veteran Korean singer Cho Yong-pil’s comeback songs Hello or Bounce, most would rather attend concert by the latter, with a 53 percent mark higher than PSY of 38 percent.

The overwhelming popularity of Cho Yong-pil in Korea can also be confirmed when he took over the Korean real-time charts with his digital single Bounce over PSY’s Gentleman without much effort.

Is it because of Cho Yong-pil being revered as one of the most influential Korean pop figures, or PSY’s style doesn’t go well with the Koreans anymore?



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