K-Pop Idols Announce Back-To-Back Hiatuses Due To Mental Health Reasons

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Various K-Pop idols had been announcing temporary breaks from their activities in the music scene due to mental health reasons recently.

The K-Pop scene had been experiencing back-to-back announcements regarding hiatuses brought upon by problems like anxiety and other mental health concerns for the past month.

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With idols having been struggling with issues on their mental health for years, it is more than about time for proper measures to care for artists to be done and observed by companies, including giving them the time they need to rest and get in a better state.

As K-Pop is currently at the height of its popularity, the working schedules of idols also play a part in the state of their mental health. Besides the stress, being overworked can make people forget, or not have the time to, properly sleep, eat, or drink – resulting in poor health. Along with the hectic job, idols are also subject to stress brought by various things such as the pressure from being in the spotlight, online hate, and more.

Recently, a number of K-Pop idols have announced their temporary hiatuses to get adequate rest and time for dealing with their mental health concerns.


On January 13, OH MY GIRL’S Jiho announced that she will be taking a break for the meantime until further notice to focus on her health. She was shared to have been receiving treatment from medical professionals after experiencing not just anxiety but also poor health conditions ever since the second half of 2019.

“Recently, the symptoms of her anxiety had worsened, and we decided that it would be difficult for her to carry out activities as part of OH MY GIRL like the usual. With our artist’s health as priority, we decided that she should take a temporary break,” WM Entertainment shared through an official statement.

“We will do our best to focus on recovering and maintaining Jiho’s health so that her hiatus is not prolonged. We ask fans to continue sending OH MY GIRL warm love and support,” the agency added.

oh my girl jiho

Source: Sports Donga

MONSTA X’s Joohoney

After sitting out from his group’s various activities including some stops of the Jingle Ball Tour, Golden Disc Awards, and the V Heartbeat event in Vietnam, the MONSTA X rapper was announced to be putting a halt on promotional activities for the meantime as well due to anxiety.

“Joohoney recently visited multiple professional medical institutions for accurate diagnosis regarding anxiety symptoms. The results of the examination showed that due to anxiety symptoms, sufficient rest and stability are essential for him to make a full recovery. We have had a thorough discussion with Joohoney and MONSTA X members and have decided to take continuous treatment and stability which focus on the restoration of Joohoney,” Starship Entertainment relayed to fans through an official statement.

With this, it was revealed that he would not be participating in upcoming activities such as MONSTA X’s upcoming fan-con in Seoul, and his return “will be based on his recovery status and professional opinion, which will also be conducted through careful consultation with Joohoney and the members.”

monsta x joohoney

Source: Starship Entertainment

LOONA’s Haseul

The LOONA member announced her hiatus on January 8 through an official statement from her agency after receiving a diagnosis saying that she is showing symptoms of anxiety disorder. With the priority of her treatment and restoring her health being placed first, she, her family, and her agency have all decided that she will not be participating in LOONA’s upcoming comeback.

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Stray Kids’ Han

Although he did not completely sit out from promoting with Stray Kids, Han held limited participation in the group’s various activities recently after an announcement from JYP Entertainment on December 15 informing fans of the rapper-vocalist-producer’s intermittent psychological anxiety.

“Although there are no problems with the majority of his regular broadcast schedules and stages, he feels extreme tension when he is close to groups of people,” the agency informed fans, along with noting that the Stray Kids member’s health has improved through active treatment. With this, Han sat out from fan signing events and filming for the 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships, and his appearance in upcoming scheduled events will have to be selective.

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WJSN’s Dawon

Earlier on December 12, Starship Entertainment also announced that WJSN’s Dawon will be taking time off to rest and recuperate after being diagnosed with anxiety disorder recently. The diagnosis came after the singer showed symptoms of psychological anxiety after receiving treatment and detailed examinations at a hospital, and it was decided that she will be halting participation in all activities in order to rest.

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Kang Daniel

On December 4, KONNECT Entertainment announced that Kang Daniel will be putting a break on his promotions after informing fans about his battle with depression and panic disorder. According to the agency, the soloist had been visiting the hospital beginning from the first half of the year after experiencing poor health due to a weak immune system and psychological anxiety.

“After being examined by doctors, he was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. He has since continued to focus on receiving treatment through psychotherapy and medication,” KONNECT Entertainment also relayed, along with announcing their regrets to put a sudden halt on Daniel’s promotions for his then-ongoing comeback.

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The SEVENTEEN leader announced an indefinite hiatus as well on November 18 to get his much-needed temporary break given the current state of his mental well-being.

“S.Coups has recently been undergoing a detailed examination and diagnosis of his health, due to symptoms of anxiety. After a thorough discussion, all of the SEVENTEEN members including S.Coups himself, have decided that it would be best for him to take the time to rest and temporarily sit out from participating in SEVENTEEN’s activities,” Pledis Entertainment informed fans.

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Along with these recent announcements of hiatuses from various idols, TWICE’s Mina had also taken a hiatus earlier in June 2019 which made her miss some stops for her group’s world tour. JYP Entertainment had announced the TWICE member’s gradual return to activities recently, which includes her participation in the group’s upcoming &TWICE meet and greet event in Japan this February 1 and 2.

Her groupmate Jihyo also recently shared a statement where she talked about her own battle with anxiety, which was made harder by the countless amount of negative comments thrown at her.

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