Kris Speaks Up On Rumor Of 1.2 Billion Quotation For A TV Series

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Kris has released an official statement regarding the rumor of his quotation.


A news headlined Unknown Producer: Wu YiFan TV series’ Quoted Price of 1.2 Billion surfaced on the internet. Regarding this, Kris has released an official statement through his working studio’s official Weibo on March 29. The statement has denied the article reported as a false news.

The full translated statement is as below:

Today, a news headlined ‘Unknown Producer: Wu YiFan TV series’ Quoted Price of 1.2 Billion’ surfaced on the internet. According to the producer, “The highest quoted price for a TV series (I have came) in contact with is Wu YiFan’s 1.2 billion.” To this, we are here to clarify that it is an unrealistic estimation on the quotation; furthermore, Kris has not offered said price and is also not involved in the process for any TV series. We express our regret on the repetitive baseless speculations, and hope there will not be any more such unauthorized content to leave a false and negative impression to the industry, audiences and fans.


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