Krystal On f(x)’s Prolonged Hiatus: “It’s Not That The Company Isn‘t Letting Us To Release Album”

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Krystal has opened up about f(x)’s delayed comeback.

In an interview held at the SM Entertainment Communication Center on January 18 to wrap up her currently aired drama Prison Playbook, Krystal spilled her honest thoughts on f(x)’s prolonged hiatus and her love for music.

f(x) has not launched any new album since its 4th studio album 4 Walls in 2015. Although the members have since been actively pursuing their solo activities, many fans are thirsty for the group’s early comeback.

Regarding this, Krystal expressed her sincere apology to fans, saying: “I’m really, truly sorry to our fans. I’m really sorry because I can see how hard it is for them, and because I’m so sorry, I feel like I have no words to say. I feel frustrated by the fact that I have nothing to tell them.”

Source: SM Entertainment

The singer explained that unforeseen circumstances led to f(x) delayed comeback: “We made a lot of efforts, but the timing wasn’t right. We even had a target date set to release the next album, but then something happened. It fell through. Things didn’t work out the way we wanted.”

She went on to clarify: “It’s not that the company isn’t letting us to release album,” reassuring fans that the group would definitely release a new album when the timing is right and good songs are available.

Krystal then uttered her hope to return to the music scene: “I miss dancing. Because I love music so much, I would not give up. I am willing to back on Music anytime.”


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