Laboum Welcomes 600th Day Since Debut

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It has been nearly two years for Laboum!


Girl group Laboum debuted with the release of single album Petit Macaron in August 2014, and on April 18, the date marked the 600th day since the girls’ debut.

The idols wrote on their Twitter, “Today is 600 day since Laboum’s debut! It has been 600 days since Latte( fanclub name) and Laboum are together. We are really thankful for being together with us. Let’s be together forever for 6000, 60000 days in the future, thank you! We love you!”


Along with the caption, Laboum also shared a photo of them, holding hands onto each other. The gesture seems to symbolize that they would hold on to each other regardless of what happens.

Laboum is currently actively promoting with ‘Imagine More’ from latest album ‘Fresh Adventure’.

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