Ladies’ Code’s sisterly bond shown in RiSe’s last birthday with fans

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The world is currently mourning the loss of EunB and RiSe, after a tragic car accident which cost them their lives.

Many fans and Korean media have shared photos and videos of Ladies’ Code to ensure that the group isn’t forgotten.

Photos and videos from RiSe’s birthday party with fans in 2013 are currently being shared. Many fans have commented on the group’s close bond together.

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  2. Ladies’ Code involved in car accident; member Go EunB confirmed to have passed away
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  4. Hospital refuses to release condition of Ladies’ Code members
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  7. Ladies’ Code Rise still in surgery after fatal car accident
  8. Ladies’ Code Rise’s brain surgery ends after 9 hours
  9. Ladies’ Code Sojung prepares for surgery; RiSe still unconscious
  10. Ladies’ Code Go EunB laid to rest after tragic car accident
  11. Police investigates driver in Ladies’ Code’s tragic car accident
  12. EunB wanted to spend time with family in her final interview
  13. Fans grant Ladies’ Code EunB’s last wish: a number one song
  14. Police find black box in Ladies’ Code’s car; airbags didn’t work
  15. Ladies’ Code’s RiSe still unconscious after 24 hours
  16. Ladies’ Code’s van tried to avoid collision with another car
  17. Is the rented van to blame for the Ladies’ Code tragedy?
  18. EunB’s mother leaves heartbreaking message for RiSe
  19. Sojung to undergo surgery; still unaware of EunB’s death
  20. Ladies’ Code EunB impostor: ‘I am still alive’
  21. Heartbreaking photos from Ladies’ Code EunB’s funeral
  22. Doctors unsure if Ladies’ Code RiSe will survive
  23. Ladies’ Code Sojung about to be told about EunB’s death
  24. Clueless Sojung apologises for inability to promote after waking up
  25. Touching video montage of EunB’s funeral released
  26. SPEED’s Taewoon angers fans over tweet about Ladies’ Code
  27. Clueless Sojung asks why everyone visiting is wearing black
  28. Ladies’ Code Ashley and Zuny admitted to hospital again
  29. Ladies’ Code ‘Kiss Kiss’ MV rockets to a million views after EunB’s death
  30. Did a sasaeng fan predict Ladies’ Code EunB’s death?
  31. Sojung shocked to learn about EunB’s death through the news
  32. EunB did not die because of not wearing a seatbelt
  33. BREAKING: Ladies’ Code RiSe passes away
  34. Korean celebrities remember Ladies’ Code RiSe
  35. World mourns RiSe’s death; trending worldwide

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  1. mikedo2007

    September 9, 2014 at 12:08 am

    So sad and very touching. 🙁

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