Lai Kuan Lin Reveals Cube Entertainment Transferred His Contract Rights Without Consent

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Lai Kuan Lin revealed his reason for requesting contract termination with Cube Entertainment.

Lai Kuan Lin stated that Cube Entertainment has committed violations against his exclusive contract as relayed by his legal representative on July 23.

Lai Kuan Lin

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The former Wanna One member has laid out his claims on his agency’s act of transferring rights from his exclusive contract to a third party.

Recounting how he eventually learned about Cube’s violation through an unfortunate incident, Kuan Lin revealed that he had belatedly learned about the transfer a year after it took place.

Besides relaying his official statement through his legal representative, the rapper revealed that he has already filed a lawsuit against the agency.

Official Statement

“First of all, we apologize to fans and people in the broadcasting and entertainment industry for causing concern over the media coverage of Cube Entertainment’s one-sided claims on July 20.

Rather than opening the dispute with Cube Entertainment to the public first, Lai tried to settle the dispute as smoothly as possible through consultations between the parties. However, Cube Entertainment effectively declined the agreement and distributed the press release to make it seem that there was no breach of contract, and some of the articles contained the wrong information that Lai is currently acting independently.

Therefore, we issued this statement to correct the wrong facts and to clarify the facts of the case.

Lai Kuan Lin notified Cube Entertainment of the termination of his exclusive contract through its representative in July 18, 2019, and submitted an injunction to the local court today seeking the suspension of the exclusive contract.

The reason is because he decided that he could no longer trust Cube Entertainment because of the various acts it did in violation of its exclusive contract.

Cube Entertainment signed an exclusive contract with Lai in 2017. Within a few months, it transferred its exclusive management rights to Lai Kuan Lin to a third party, Ostrich Entertainment, and received payments amounting to dozens of times more than they paid Lai in return.

He and his parents have not heard any explanation from Cube Entertainment, nor have they agreed to it at all. It wasn’t until around April 2019 that Lai Guanlin learned about it after finishing his promotions with Wanna One and starting his schedule in China this 2019.”

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How Lai Kuan Lin learned about the contract violation

On March 23, 2019, Cube Entertainment was invited to attend a Japanese performance by its agency called U&Cube Festival which caused an unfortunate incident in connection with the overlapping schedule of his drama filming in China.

He was not able to participate in a program that he was scheduled to appear in on Honam TV, and was informed that it had an adverse effect on his relationship with Honam TV. As he was briefed by his local manager about the details, he found out that there was a contract he didn’t know about.

Shocked at the fact that the trusted company transferred its rights to a third party without his consent, the artist sent the contents certificate in the letter dated June 21, 2019, through this agent, and requested correction by pointing out Cube Entertainment’s breach of contract.

However, Cube Entertainment only argued that there was no breach of contract, saying that there was a document with a seal on the seal of Lai Kuan Lin and his father. In addition, Cube Entertainment did not fulfill any of the corrective actions requested by Lai Kuan Lin, and ignored the request for consultation without making any comments.

But because Lai Kuan Lin and his father saw no such seal, no seal at all, and no authorization was given to Cube Entertainment to carve and seal the seals in their names, there were more serious acts of trust than unconsented devolution.”

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Decision to file a lawsuit

“It was inevitable that the company would terminate the contract, but it failed to explain it directly to the party, and only disclosed some of the relevant facts through the media, dismissing them as “groundless” and thus tarnished the image of Lai Kuan Lin.

As the trust and relationship between the parties was seriously damaged and Cube Entertainment virtually refused to solve the problem, the artist was forced to file a lawsuit.

He believes that the relevant facts that he has not been aware of will be clarified in the proceedings and that our courts will make reasonable and fair judgments accordingly.

In addition, before the court’s judgment, Lai Kuan Lin will make efforts to carry out the schedule that had already been scheduled as normal as possible before the injunction request.

This is in order to keep the promise and faithfulness of all fans, broadcasting and entertainment officials and program producers at home and abroad.

We will try to solve this case through due process and show you what our fans expect from Lai Kuan Lin.”

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