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LC9 proves that it isn’t just a group of gorgeous boys, but that the members also possess strong vocals and great stamina at their first-ever overseas showcase in Singapore on the 30th of November.

The six-member boy group debuted under Nega Network on the 9th of May 2013, with its first mini album titled Skirmish. The title track Mama Beat, which featured the voice of labelmate Ga-in of Brown Eyed Girls, showcased the group’s strong image with both its rated-19 MV and magnificent C-walk.

LC9 Live in Singapore took place at the JStage on the 30th of November, at 5.30pm. The rain stopped just before the showcase, thankfully, as the members of Lovebeats (official fanclub’s name) prepared themselves for a ride of their lives. Besides Singaporean Lovebeats, there were also Lovebeats from other countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, who came to Singapore just for LC9.


The showcases started off with LC9’s performance of Hold On, which showcased the boys’ powerful vocals and also captivated the hearts of the fans. Hold On is LC9’s English rendition of SPICA‘s Anger.


The boys then proceeded to introduce themselves one by one. Leader Rasa expressed his happiness to be in Singapore to meet their Lovebeats, and promised that they would showcase the best to them. King added that even though this was their first time in Singapore, many fans turned up therefore they would try to return to Singapore as often as possible. E.den also hoped that Lovebeats were ready for them because they were about to put on a great show!


The atmosphere heated up as LC9 displayed their skillful C-walk with their debut song, Mama Beat. Hardcore Lovebeats also noticed the minor changes in their choreography, which enhanced the dance element in the performance!

Ready Set Go was next and it had fans screaming even louder! It wasn’t difficult for one to know that youngest member Ao is the main dancer, especially since he dominated the stage during the dance breaks!

A Q&A session changed the pace of the showcase and allowed the boys to take some time to dry off their sweat after the vigorous performances. J-Hyo expressed his gratitude towards the fans who turned up for the showcase despite the gloomy weather, and felt relieved because he was worried that some of the fans might not be able to come. The boys also delightfully remarked that they tried Singapore’s famous local dish, the chili crab, and that it was delicious!


When asked about their favorite Singaporean food, J-Hyo cheekily replied “Chili crab?” and earned himself much laughter. E.den mentioned ice kachang, which he described as “dried ice”, and King also excitedly remarked that it was delicious!


A performance that King described as “cute and comical” took fans by surprise as LC9 sheds its cool image and danced to Taiwanese superstar Show Luo’s Bounce. Fans were much entertained by the cute antics of the boys, specially prepared for Singapore!

A short interval let the boys of LC9 freshen up and change into another set of outfits. Fans had a chance to play games and win autographed Skirmish albums. Afterwards, the boys were back up on stage for another Q&A session where the host asked questions from the fans.


When asked about who they would choose if they had a chance to switch bodies with another member of the group, King answered first by choosing E.den because he thought that E.den is very handsome. Ao, after confirming that it will only be the body that will be changed, chose leader Rasa only to reveal that it was only because Rasa was staring at him. J-Hyo felt that nobody would choose King, so he made King his choice. Poor King! E.den chose Jun because Jun never gets fat no matter how much he eats. Ao was the most popular choice, chosen by Jun and Rasa, because of his young age and adorable looks!

Then they were asked about how often they check their Twitter mentions, and what the best way is for fans to be updated about them. Jun said that he checks his Twitter mentions whenever he has time, and King mentioned that he even remembers some of the fans’ Twitter usernames! So fans, do tweet them often!


Rasa expressed his regret that fans think he does not use Twitter as often compared to the other members, due to the fact that he does not really know how to take selcas. He also sought for the fans to understand him because he wishes to talk to fans on Twitter, too!

Lastly, the boys were also asked to talk about their plans for the future. E.den explained that the group is always working on new songs, and they’re already in the midst of preparation for a comeback in the first half of next year. The group will also be going to two other countries, Philippines (The 5th Philippine Kpop Convention) in late December and Indonesia in January 2014. E.den exclaimed that the group members definitely want to return to Singapore, probably after they make their comeback in Korea so that they can bring new performances to Singapore next time.

A lucky fan, who sang a beautiful rendition of Hold On, was invited on stage for another of LC9’s special performance. The fan was in for a treat as LC9 serenaded her with Guilty, an original song by Dynamic Duo. There was lots of skinship involved, and fans were left screaming in envy.


LC9 also performed One Thing by One Direction and Never Say Never by Justin Bieber, before they had yet another special segment for fans! This time, each member gave out an autographed Skirmish album to one fan whom he thought was the most supportive. They even came down from the stage to pass their albums to the lucky fans personally!


As the finale of the showcase, the boys awed the audience by performing Gettin’ Over You (original song by David Guetta and Chris Willis featuring Fergie and LMFAO). This was the climax of the showcase as the atmosphere heated up with the euphoric dance tune. The choreography was arduous but the boys sang marvelously well! Kudos to them for the great feat!

The showcase was short, thus fans were rather reluctant to let the boys go. However, the boys were back on stage after a short while to bring an encore performance of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful, ending their first Singapore showcase on a sweet and blissful note.

A photography session with individual fans followed the end of the showcase, before LC9 proceeded to Singapore’s local TV station to make an appearance on The Sheng Siong Show.

Check out LC9’s showcase highlights below:

[vsw id=”ooTt7PxYlyQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Special Thanks to East Entertainment for the media invite.

Sources: Video – East Entertainment, event coverage and photos by Joyce.


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