LC9 shares its thoughts about Singapore and reveals comeback plans

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Having their very first overseas event in Singapore has proven to be “a breath of fresh air” for the boys of LC9 (which stands for League of Competition #9).

The first Korean boy group of Nega Network, which debuted on May 9th this year, is comprised of members Rasa (leader), E.den, J-Hyo, King, Jun, and Ao (maknae). The six charming boys had their press conference on the morning of their 2nd day in Singapore, and started off talking about their impression of Singapore.

Flaunting his fluent English, E.den stated that it was LC9’s first official overseas event as a group, and they felt really honoured to be in Singapore and to have a chance to perform for the fans. E.den also said that an aspect of Singapore the boys enjoyed was that the city seemed very natural with trees everywhere, and it is definitely “a breath of fresh air” as compared to where they came from.

After a round of individual self-introduction, which ended with Ao adorably introducing himself as “the youngest, like a dynamite”, the boys were asked to explain the meaning behind their group name, “LC9”.

Rasa stated:

“First of all, LC9 stands for League of Competition, because there are a lot of Korean idol singers in the industry now, so we have to survive in this competition. Other than that, the six of us had to go through a competitive round of selection amongst the many trainees (in order to debut), so we are the “survivors of this competition”. That’s why our group is named “League of Competition”.”


The members of LC9 also talked about the artistes who inspire them. J-Hyo chose singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, E.den looks up to rapper Drake, King’s role models are singers Jason Derulo and Guy Sebastian, Jun chose SHINee, Rasa’s current role model is Chris Brown, and lastly, Ao chose Monday Kiz and SG Wannabe as his inspirations.

With the tough competition in the industry, King mentioned that they stand out from other rookie groups that debuted at around the same time as they did, such as BTS and History, because the genre of their songs is mainly Electro-pop, which is more popular amongst their target audience.


When asked about LC9’s upcoming plans, Ao mentioned that they will be heading to Indonesia for a showcase in January, and will also be going to other countries for more showcases. They are also currently preparing for their next album back in Korea, and King mentioned that they have been choosing the songs that will be included in the album. LC9 will probably make their comeback before March, therefore Ao and King hope everyone will anticipate their next album. King also hinted that LC9 will be coming back to Singapore for another showcase, bringing along their new songs.

Before the end of the press conference, J-Hyo indicated a possible collaboration with their label mates, either the Brown Eyed Girls or Lunafly, for the Christmas season. They are still in the midst of further consideration, but there is a possibility that they will be Christmas carolling together.

More photos that were taken at the press conference are available for viewing below!

Special thanks to East Entertainment for the media invite.

Event coverage and photos provided by Joyce and Huiying

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