Led Apple sends a New Year message to their fans

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Boy band Led Apple sends in their New Year’s greetings to their fans through a video. In the video, the members spoke in Japanese and each introduced themselves. They also expressed their happiness for winning an award recently. Check out the video and translation of Hanbyul, Kwangyeon, Hyoseok, Kyumin and Youngjun‘s greeting below:

[vsw id=”tAMAhiQZ0Ic” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

”Hello this is Led Apple. I am the one who is in charge of bass in Led Apple, Kwangyeon. Hello, I am Led Apple’s vocal, Hanbyul. I am the leader and guitarist, Youngjun. I am the drummer, Hyoseok. Good morning, good afternoon , good evening. I am the vocal and the maknae, Kyumin. Nice to meet you. Everyone, do you miss us? We, Led Apple has won the rookie award division male at Korean Culture Entertainment award. Ah, this is good. Last year it was the first time holding a concert in Japan, we were very happy. This year, in Korea and Japan, we will also hold many concerts. Please come a lot. Good luck in the new year. Til now, this was Led Apple. I like you.” 

Source: Image – LedApple; Video – kfm9638

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