Lee Bo Young Warms Fans’ Hearts With Mini Fan Meeting

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Actress Lee Bo Young had a warm lunch with her beloved fans at her mini fan meeting on January 30.

The actress held the fan event to express her deep gratitude to fans, who always adore and sent her best wishes on her birthday in December. The event attracted a significant turnout coming from not only Korea, but also Japan.

During the event, the star chatted intimately with fans over the meal, then watched a fan-made birthday video. She also signed her autographs and gave her self-prepared presents to fans, who attended the event inspite of the cold weather.

Lee could not hide her pleasure and happiness, saying:

Thank you for taking time out of your schedules and traveling so far, and if the opportunity arises, next time, I will prepare more so we can have even more fun than we did today and invite you all again.

(Editing by Yoon Ha)

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