Actor Lee Dong Hwi On New Year’s Resolution: “My Life Goal Is To Play A Role That Can Remain In People’s Hearts”

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Lee Dong Hwi’s recent pictorial and interview with The Star magazine have been released.

Actor Lee Dong Hwi recently graced the cover of The Star magazine’s January 2018 issue. In the revealed photos, the heartthrob airs his cool look in various trendy costumes and sunglasses.

The actor also sat down for an interview with the magazine, where he spilled his candid thoughts and resolutions for the coming new year.

Lee Dong Hwi showed his modesty when getting praised for his handsome look: “I have never thought that I’m good looking to the point where I find it’s embarrassing to even bring up the word ‘good-looking’ in reference to myself. There are too many good-looking actors around me.”

He also explained about his recent break from acting, saying: “The last two years have been hectic, with many people seeking me out. However, I’m waiting for the right role. I want to return to my initial mindset and calmly take a look around.”

When asked about his New Year’s resolutions, Lee shared: “I’d always like to be part of a great project. My life goal is to play a role that can remain in people’s hearts.”

Lee Dong Hwi’s more detailed interview, styling tips and behind-the-scenes photos can be found in the January edition of The Star magazine.

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