Lee Hyori And Husband Lee Sang Soon Appear In A Bar In Jeju Island

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Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon are still staying by each other’s side regardless of malicious rumors!

Recently, some photos featuring K-pop’s hot queen Lee Hyori, together with her husband, DJ Lee Sang Soon in a bar in Jeju island, were uploaded on Instagram by fans who spotted the couple.

On July 2, Lee Sang Soon expressed his artistic talent through playing music as a DJ in a bar in Jeju island, turning up the heat at the night-spot. The DJ’s ability received great compliments from fans after his images were uploaded online.



However, the evening’s center of attention was none other than Lee Hyori. The singer dons shorts, paired with a tank top, captivating those present with her figure. It has been a long time since fans saw the queen in public, as after deciding to choose a simple life with husband, her private life has been very discreet.


It seems that the couple had a happy weekend together, side by side.

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