Lee Joon Gi And His Fans Open Their Hearts Through Charitable Donations

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Lee Joon Gi has a generous heart as big as his beautiful smile.

The handsome actor learned of the charitable activities that his fans did on his behalf, and this inspired him to further help out. He participated in both the domestic and foreign charity drives of the Korea University Medical Center.


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The actor then made a donation of 60 million won on May 27. The donation will go to underprivileged medical patients in South Korea. In addition, his fans donated 5 tons of rice. Furthermore, this action is a symbol of the desire of Lee to do meaningful charity events together with his supporters.

The steady assistance from both the actor and his fans impressed the Vice Chancellor of Korea University Medical Center, Lee Ki Hyeong. In an interview, Vice Chancellor Lee said ,”I heard that Lee Joon Gi and his fans are consistently practicing goodwill and participating in charity events. ” He expressed his gratitude for their kindness and added that the domestic and foreign patients will cherish their generosity.

However, this isn’t the first time that the actor demonstrated his generosity. In January 2019, Lee joined the #JustGoLove campaign. Initiated by Represent, a US-based selling platform, profits from products that Lee personally designed go to charity.

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Meanwhile, Lee is on hiatus after completing his 2018 drama Lawless LawyerHe also recently concluded his Asian tour, Delight. He kicked off the tour in Seoul before travelling to Osaka, Yokohama, Taipei, Bangkok and ended the tour in Hong Kong.