Lee Kwang Soo To Host Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo’s Wedding?

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Sadly, Lee Kwang Soo is not the MC on Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s special day.

Earlier on October 25, various news outlets in China and Taiwan speculated that Song Joong Ki’s best friend Lee Kwang Soo would be hosting the former’s wedding ceremony on October 31.

As previously reported, the Song-Song couple is going to hold a private wedding at the Yeong Bin Gwan banquet hall, Shilla Hotel, without a marriage officiant. Instead, a non-celebrity long-time friend of Song Joong Ki will take on the MC role on their nuptial day.

Hence, the exciting news of Lee Kwang Soo hosting Song Joong Ki’s wedding had been raising huge interest from fans.

However, Lee’s agency King Kong Entertainment later flatly quashed the reports. It stated that he would join the wedding, but not take on the MC role.

Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki are known as best friends. Their intimate bromance even made fans ship them as a real ‘couple’.

Song once expressed his affection to Lee by writing heartfelt messages on a stone at Descendants of the Sun’s filming location: “Joong Ki ❤ Kwang Soo (Asia Prince). October 14 2015.”


Are our readers looking forward to the Song-Song couple’s most-wanted kind of K-drama wedding?

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