Lee Min Ho Spearheads Gift-Set Project For Underprivileged Children Through PROMIZ

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Advocating the spirit of sharing, Lee Min Ho resumes helming his donation drive through PROMIZ.

Pioneering the donation platform PROMIZ since 2014, Lee Min Ho made children from 12 regional centers in Jinan county, Jeolla province happy.

The project involved selling local Jinan products. Hence, also promoting profits for local sellers of the “gift-set project” in the area. Embodying the spirit of genuine heart to share with the children of Jinan, the program was a successful event.

Lee Min Ho

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Fulfilling promises through PROMIZ

The proceeds of the sale were used in the “writing a wish letter” event for 337 children in 12 regional children’s centers in Jinan. A total of 55 children were also selected and received a Children’s Day gift to raise hopes and dreams.

Joining the cause of their cherished actor, Lee’s fans’ club “MINOZ”, also celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. With that, the fan club donated 1.5 tons of rice and 300 kg of kimchi. In turn, it aided to the feeding program of Jinan regional centers’ children.

Pursuing the value of Fun + Donation, Lee’s donation platform PROMIZ has conceptualized and sold products of creative themes. All the proceeds go to a chosen charity work. In addition, its recognized domestic and overseas drive raise mindfulness of social and economic problems. Moreover, it encourages people to actively pursue the spirit of sharing.

Just like the project that helped the local children’s center of Jinan, it improves awareness on the meaningful effect of participating in donating activities.

Local child care centers are welfare facilities that provide care for children who need help due to loss of support from their families. Especially, in small cities where infrastructure is lacking, it is deemed important to provide better situation for the children.

Other PROMIZ activities

Recently, PROMIZ, which has been continuing its social contribution to children, launched a “Jam Jam Box” project. Giving dreams and love to children from low income families, the project was recognized at the 2019 Korea Good Brand Awards.

Currently, PROMIZ carries on with 2019 campaign of providing clean waters to South Africa.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is set to begin filming his small screen comeback with Kim Go Eun. Titled, The King: The Eternal Monarch, the actor suits up for a dual role in the premise of parallel world theme.

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