Lee Min Ho Made Generous Donation To Organizations Protecting Abused Children

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The Korean actor proved that he is not just a man of good looks with enormous amount of talent, but who also have a heart of gold!

On December 28, Lee Min Ho and his agency MYM Entertainment have donated 50 million won to the children victims of abuse through the donation platform PROMIZ.

He made a contribution to three specialized child protection organizations, including Holt Children’s Welfare Association, Good Neighbors, and Save the Children.

Lee Min Ho, who has always been interested in child welfare and has been conducting steady donations and awareness-raising activities, paid attention to the fact that the incidence of child abuse inside the family rises as the time spent at home due to COVID-19 increases.

His donation will be used for the psychological treatment and family relationship improvement programs for victims of child abuse to reduce emotional aftershock.

Although everyone had a difficult year due to COVID-19 this year, the warm news of Lee Min Ho’s good deeds has been a huge consolation and became an inspiration for many.

Earlier this year, the actor also made a donation of 300 million won to prevent the spread of COVID-19, providing help to prevent infections of children in the immune-vulnerable class and to purchase equipment and supplies for medical staff.

Lee Min Ho

PROMIZ remarked, “With the spread of COVID-19, children spend more time at home than ever before. The actor decided to donate hoping that the abused children in the family will be protected. He hopes that this donation becomes an opportunity to increase awareness to children suffering from abuse and provide practical aid to the children.”

This year, actor Lee Min Ho and MYM Entertainment were also recognized for their continuous contributions and awareness campaigns through the donation platform PROMIZ.

Jointly organized and selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Korea Social Welfare Council, the “Regional Social Contribution Recognition System” is a system that recognizes and encourages companies that have continuously contributed to society in cooperation with non-profit organizations in the community.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently filming his upcoming  Apple TV+ drama Pachinko.

Source: OSEN

Image Credits: MYM Entertainment