Lee Min Ho & PROMIZ Aim To Make Less Fortunate Children Happy Through “Jam Jam Box” Project

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Through donation platform PROMIZ, Lee Min Ho supports a heartwarming campaign.

After spearheading a fund-raising drive with Jinan children as beneficiaries, Lee Min Ho and PROMIZ begin a new project. Targeting children from low-income families, “Jam Jam Box” project goals to provide warmth to children.

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Underprivileged children do not receive adequate food and emotional care owing to their economic situation. More so, they are prone to face health problems due to malnutrition. It even escalates to mental concern out of finding the cause of poverty in themselves. For that reason, economic support and emotional care are urgent to be provided to deprived children.

Aspiring to give emotional encouragement, Lee and PROMIZ launched “Jam Jam Box” project. Combining the meaning of “jam” as “fun” and “box” as “gift”, the “fun gift” program intends to be a platform to encourage generosity.

Products conveying the theme message “Thank you for being born and you are precious” will be launched. The proceeds will gift a birthday party for less fortunate children nationwide through the Social Welfare Community Chest.

“Jam Jam Box” products are available in three types of T-shirts and tumblers. It will be available on Naver’s donation portal Happy Bean for the next three weeks starting June 21.

PROMIZ will continue its social contribution activities by raising awareness to aid underprivileged children through various channels.

Lee Min Ho’s donation platform PROMIZ has been pursuing the value of “fun donation” ever since its launch in March 2014. It has created and sold design products within a given theme. Thereafter, the entire amount of proceeds is donated to chosen charity programs.

In addition, based on its popularity in Korea and overseas, through social media channels it actively promotes awareness on disheartening socio-economic relevant issues, leading more and more people to participate in the field of sharing.

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