Lee Min Ho’s International Fans Donate For Good Cause

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On Friday, Lee Min Ho’s agency, StarHaus Entertainment, revealed that international fans of the star have actively donated money for charity. The agency said that it had recently received a thank-you letter from a NGO building library in Paraguay after Lee’s fans had donated money for acquiring 2,000 children’s book.

In fact, international fans of the actor-singer have splashed several headlines for donating to a good cause.

In January, USD$1,700 was donated by the Chilean fan club to the humanitarian organization Patagonia Compassion on behalf of Lee. The funds are used to fund a project of building a boarding school for children who are either homeless or diagnosed with HIV in Kenya’s Makueni region.

It was later told from fan club member Maria Jose Sanchez by a local news agency, that Lee inspires them to do these charitable deeds.

Furthermore, after a devastating forest fire in 2011, Minoz Chile formed the “Lee Min Ho’s forest” by planting hundreds of trees through fund raising in Chile’s Patagonia region.

Minoz China have also been doing charitable work through many meaningful activities, such as volunteering in disaster-hit zones and raising funds to build libraries in poor communities.

Established by Lee Min Ho, Promiz is a charitable foundation to collect donations under different concepts every year to benefit the needy communities.

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