Lee Mu Jin Tops Music Charts With New Track “Reference”

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The emerging music powerhouse achieves an impressive feat for his debut mini-album Room Vol. 1.

Lee Mu Jin made his presence known with his latest album. He also unveiled his music for the first time on M Countdown.

Admirably, “Reference,” the lead song of his first mini-album topped Bugs’ music chart on the morning of June 24.

In addition, he set meaningful records by charting all the songs of Room Vol. 1 from “Astronaut”, “Practice Room No. 8”, “Greed”‘, and “Homecoming”.

Notably, his music release solidified its presence as a music powerhouse by standing out at the top of major music charts such as Melon and Genie.

Room Vol.1 is the first album in the ‘Room’ series, which opens with the motif of ‘Homecoming’. It aims to highlight the stories before and after becoming known as Lee Mu Jin.

His autobiographical stories from his childhood, college entrance exams, and post-debut after his debut were recorded in a variety of self-composed songs.

The title song ‘Reference’ is a song that shouts to those who want to teach, not to a teacher who gives true teaching.

Lee Mu-jin’s unique witty lyrics and addictive melodies are also receiving favorable reviews. “The genre is Lee Mu-jin” “A delightful must-read song dedicated to the old people of this world” “Interesting lyrics and addictive melody. Lee Mu-jin is a genius” “It’s good that it’s not obvious” “A unique artist who always tells his story”, etc. Another long-run popularity is expected in the reaction.

Immediately after the release on the 23rd, Lee Mu Jin appeared on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ STUDIO M corner and unveiled the “Notes” stage for the first time on-air.

The lively performance makes the pleasant lyrics stand out, even more, and the luxury live stage soothes the viewers easily.

Lee Mu Jin, who filled the first mini-album released after his debut with five self-composed songs with a strong identity, plans to continue communicating with fans through active music activities in the future.

Meanwhile, Room Vol.1 can be enjoyed through various online music sites.

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