Lee Seung Gi Introduces His Upcoming 7th Full Length Album “The Project” Ahead of Its Release

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Lee Seung Gi delivered his first introduction and thoughts on his upcoming seventh full-length album THE PROJECT!

Lee Seung Gi will release his seventh full-length album “THE PROJECT” online at 6 PM KST today. A total of nine songs — four new songs and five remastered songs from the seventh regular album THE PROJECT, and the music video for the title song “I Will”, will be released.

Lee Seung Gi The Project

The Project

For this album, Lee Seung Gi worked with a unique combination of producers and musicians including Brave Brothers, Nell, and Epitone Project.

In this regard, Lee Seung Gi personally introduced four new tracks in his new album and expressed his feelings about the songs.

Returning to his main career as a singer for five years, Lee Seung Gi expressed, “I’m very excited and worried to be back as a singer. Also, I am really curious about how you’ll listen to my new album. I’m nervous, but now, I think I have some time to enjoy it.”

He firstly conveyed his confidence about “The Ordinary Man” as an authentic balladeer. As soon as it was pre-released on November 15, the track has quickly topped various music charts and gained popularity.

Yoon Jong Shin expressed his profound trust and faith in Lee Seung Gi by saying, “He had a such good voice and I think he is an all-around singer who excels at expressing the lyrics and has a delicate interpretation”.

Lee Seung Gi The Project

“I Will”

The title song “I Will”, which was written and composed by Brave Brothers, maximizes emotions by perfectly blending lyrics with the appealing voice of Lee Seung Gi. It speaks of failing to recover and become better after a painful breakup.

Brave Brothers admitted, “Lee Seung Gi has his own color. He knows how to make any song into his own style, and he has a charm like a chameleon that changes the tone of his voice as if it were his song right from the beginning.”

According to Nell’s vocalist Kim Jong Wan, the conversation he had with Lee Seung Gi felt as if he has looked into Lee Seung Gi’s diary.

He said, “The recording was very easy because we have analyzed and interpreted the lyrics and songs carefully before recording.”

Recalling the moments when he have worked on music with Lee Seung Gi, Kim Jong Wan added, “I think that I finally became a reliable singer with this kind of preparation that was added to my basic skills.”

Lee Seung Gi’s power of expressing his emotions

As for the song, which captures the sentimental feelings of love, Lee commented that it is a song that goes very well at any place and any time. It adds to the meaning of “Lee Seung Gi’s healing music.”

Cha Se Jeong of Epitone Project said, “Lee Seung Gi’s expressive power is a sign of being an excellent singer. The way of his singing and the tone of the song are already well established, and I thought a lot about how he will deliver it.”

He continued, “I think having the emotion is the most important thing for a singer. He knows his voice color and feelings well. He uses those parts easily, just as how to write it according to the song, and how to pronounce a certain portion. I was impressed by how he thought of his voice as a musical instrument.”

Lee Seung Gi’s official label Hook Entertainment shared, “Lee Seung Gi’s seventh full-length album will finally be released today. We ask for your attention and expectations for THE PROJECT, as he have worked hard to prepare for it and given special affection and effort.”

Lee Seung Gi The Project

Source: OSEN

Photos: Hook Entertainment

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