Lee Seung Gi Talks About Being A “Triple Threat” Entertainer + His Wish To Release A New Album In 2018

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In almost 14 years in the entertainment industry, Lee Seung Gi has successfully established himself as an actor, host, and singer — a triple threat entertainer.

South Korean singer-actor Lee Seung Gi has had busy days following his military discharge last October 31. He headlined tvN’s A Korean Odyssey which premiered on 23 December 2017, and wrapped up its 20-episode run on 4 March 2018, with an average viewership rating about 5.5 percent based on AGB Nielsen Ratings.

He also made his big screen comeback after three years with The Princess and the Matchmaker, which has surpassed the one-million mark only a week after its release. The film was also screened in North American theaters on March 9.

Lee also subsequently made his return in the entertainment programs as well as through SBS’ Master In The House.

Lee Seung Gi

(Photo: CJ Entertainment)

The actor described it as his “busiest” time since his debut in 2004 at the age of 17. But he is not slowing down any sooner as he expressed his desire to release a new album this year.

“I dearly wish I can release one album this year. I can’t tell when because I don’t know what I will work on next, but I wish it could be this year,” he said.

Lee Seung Gi

(Photo: CJ Entertainment)

Lee, who began his career as a singer, last came out with an album in 2015, entitled And… , which contained eight tracks including its lead single “And Goodbye”.

Before commencing his mandatory military service on 1 February  2016, he released his single “I’m Going to the Military”. A month after entering boot camp, he released “Meet Someone Like Me”.

Juggling Acting, Singing, and Variety Shows

Lee talked being hailed as “Korea’s Little Brother” for some time, referring to his wholesome and likable image loved by everyone of all ages.

“I like that the nickname has gradually phased out,” he said, adding he likes how people perceive him right now — an entertainer who approaches various sectors of the entertainment in an equally devoted and sincere manner.

Lee Seung Gi

(Photo: CJ Entertainment)

“People all know me now as Lee Seung Gi, a rare entertainer in Korea who does acting, TV shows, and music well. That’s how I like it,” he said.

Despite achieving success in various fields of the entertainment industry, Lee is not complacent but continues to improve himself and give his 100 percent in everything he does.

“I do have to try and ensure that other actors do not overshadow my works. I’m not just doing one thing, so I have to work double, triple as hard to even things out,” he said.

Lee admitted he is nervous as a lot of his peers are so talented. “What I can do more than them is to try harder”, he said.

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