Lee Sung Kyung Is A Living Barbie Doll For Beauty+ Magazine’s May Issue

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Actress Lee Sung Kyung stunned viewers with her beautiful doll-like visuals.

Posing for a photo shoot with Beauty+ Magazine’s May issue, Lee showcased her talents in modelling. Famous for her light brown eyes and light brown hair, Lee was a picture-perfect model.

Lee Sung Kyung | Beauty+

Lee Sung Kyung | Beauty+

The multi-hyphenated Lee is also a gifted actress and a very popular fashion model. Her doll-like features and tall figure makes her picturesque, not just on the catwalk but also in pictorials. Furthermore, the actress can also sing, as proven in her recent drama About Time.

Lee’s next film, Miss and Mrs. Cops, premieres on May 9, 2019.  She appears as a rookie detective who consistently gets into trouble due to her overeager attitude with work. The film showcases the importance of women in the workforce dominated by men. She co-stars with another talented actress, Ra Mi Ran, who will portray a detective who used to be exemplary in her work, but was delegated to lesser tasks after getting married.

Lee Sung Kyung | Beauty+

Lee Sung Kyung | Beauty+

Although Lee Sung Kyung started off as a model, she quickly rose to fame as an actor. Famous for her spoiled brat roles in It’s Okay, That’s Love and Cheese in The Trap,  Lee endeared herself to her fans and created a solid fan base with her role as Kim Bok Joo in the cult classic Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.  In this drama, she surprised her fans when she shed her fashionable beauty queen image to portray the rough around the edges but soft on the inside Bok Joo, who goes on to be a champion weightlifter.  The drama is inspired by the life of Olympic gold medalist Jang Mi Ran.

Lee made her big screen debut in 2018 in Love+Sling as Ga Young.  Lee costarred with Sung Dong Il, Yu Hae Jin and Kim Min Jae. Miss and Mrs. Cops will be her second film.

Fans can get more of Lee’s photo shoot in the May issue of Beauty+ Magazine, its website and social media channels.