Lee Yi Kyung Saves A Citizen In The Brink Of Committing Suicide

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HB Entertainment, the agency of Lee Yi Kyung, belatedly revealed a recent brave act done by the actor

On March 26, the entertainment agency disclosed how the actor has contributed to pacify a citizen who was in the cusp of ending his life.

Lee Yi Kyung

In the morning of March 19, Lee Yi Kyung tails a cargo truck which stopped to aid a man trying to make a dangerous choice of jumping off from Hannam bridge to kill himself. The truck driver and other vehicles tried to restrain the citizen but to no avail.

When he noticed the commotion, he immediately went down to work with the truck driver in rescuing the citizen. It was reported that Lee courageously grabbed the drunk citizen who was about to plunge into the river. The actor also stayed in the scene until the police arrived.

Praising his brave act, netizens has been pouring out appreciation to the actor. When his good deed was revealed, Lee showed humility. He said, “If anyone had been there, he would have done the same.” Further proving the well-mannered disposition of the actor.

Lee Yi Kyung has appeared in acclaimed and fan favorite dramas including the two seasons of Welcome to Waikiki and Partners for Justice. He last worked on Children of Nobody with Kim Sun Ah.

Recently, he has also appeared as a special MC on Radio Star after his well-received response as a guest in the show.

Source: Sports Chosun

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