Lee Young Ae Donates 100 Million Won To Help Economically Marginalized Patients & Health Workers At The Frontline Of The Battle Against COVID-19

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Lee Young Ae embodies the true essence of beauty, a standard that goes skin-deep.

Acclaimed actress, Lee Young Ae is a perfect personification of a good Samaritan with her charitable deeds. On January 6, she donated 100 million won (approximately US $92,000) to Asan Hospital in Seoul. Pediatric patients and medical staff who brave the COVID-19 as frontliners are the beneficiaries of the charitable funds.

And in light of the recent issue involving the death of the 16-month old toddler, Jung In, who allegedly died from child abuse in the hands of her adoptive parents, Lee Young Ae paid her respects to the fallen little angel.

Lee Ae Young

On January 5, the actress and her twin children were spotted at a children’s cemetery in Yangpyeong County, Gyeonggi Province. It is the burial place where Jung In was laid to rest.

An official from the actress’ agency said, “Lee Young Ae was very sorry to hear about the death of Jung In. She went to the cemetery to quietly visit the grave and offer a prayer. And it seems that the reporters have seen it. Lee Young Ae herself did not know how to face the reporters.”

Public Outcry For Justice

On October 13 of last year, Jung In died at a hospital in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. She was legally adopted when she was just seven months old. Unfortunately, rather than receiving genuine love and care from her adoptive parents, she instead suffered continuous maltreatment and physical abuse.

According to the autopsy result, constant assault was the cause of the toddler’s death. This sensitive issue stirred an intense public outrage and demand justice for Jung In.

South Korean netizens took to social media their outcry condemning the heinous tragedy. It became a useful avenue in spreading awareness to end violence especially towards children.

The “Im sorry Jung In-ah” immediately trended on Twitter to commemorate Jung In’s death. Celebrities, such as BTS’ Jimin, singer Uhm Jung Hwa and actress Shin Ae Ra, expressed their support in seeking justice for the toddler through their own platforms.

A Generous Soul

Lee Young Ae

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ae has always been consistent with her charitable works. She said, “I decided to support charities with the hope that the donation will be used for children who are hungry, sick or neglected because of the indifference of society. I also want to support the medical staff struggling amidst COVID-19 while leaving their own safety behind.”

She seems to find deeper meaning and purpose in life by helping those who are lacking. Since 2006, she has already donated 350 million won to Asan Hospital to help treat severely ill patients. Beneficiaries include patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy and patients from multiracial families who can’t afford to get medical treatments.

In 2017, she donated 100 million won to victims of earthquakes in Pohang and Iran. And in 2018, she generously shared 100 million won to Yonsei University Health Care Facility.

A real life heroine, indeed.

Source: Sports Donga

Images: Cosmpolitan Korea

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