2012 MAMA Awards: Gangnam Style, BIG BANG & Super Junior take out grand prizes

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PSY’s Gangnam Style, Super Junior and BIG BANG have all taken out the big prize at the 2012 MAMA Awards. 

PSY has been awarded with MAMA’s Song of the Year award for his ‘800 million’ hit song, Gangnam Style which has exposed K-pop to the world. Picking up his third gong for the night (Best International Act, Best Music Video), the 34 year old rapper said he “could not forget this year,” and revealed that last year he was actually “worried” about his music career. He thanked everyone in the K-pop industry for contributing to the growth of K-pop.

Super Junior also took home three awards last night after receiving Best Global Male Group, Mnet LINE Award and Album of the Year for Sxxy, Free and Single. The group said they were dedicating the win to Leeteuk who is currently serving in the military.

BIG BANG shared the spotlight with their label mate, PSY after they took out Artist of the Year. The group also won the Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer for exceptional performances.

Held in Hong Kong this year, MNET’s Asian Music Awards (MAMA) was aired to over 80 countries, making it one of the biggest music award shows in the world.

The star-studded award ceremony also invited US performers B.o.B and Adam Lambert to perform. K-pop singers Seo In Young and K.Will performed with B.o.B on his hit songs Airplanes and Nothin’ On You.

[vsw id=”4G_ZoO5IHfk” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Other anticipated performances were BIG BANG’s monster themed performance and Super Junior’s 007 James Bond performance. Mnet also promised that PSY’s Gangnam Style performance will be better than his MTV performances. You can be the judge, watch it here.

Full list of winners here:

  • Best New Female Artist – AILEE
  • Best Dance Solo Performace – PSY
  • Best Male Artist- BIG BANG
  • Best Asian Artist- Wang Leehom
  • Best Collboration Performace – Trouble Maker
  • Best Female Group – SISTAR
  • Mnet PD’s Choice – B.A.P
  • Best Dance Performance Male Group – SHINee
  • Best Female Performance Female Group – F(X)
  • Best Vocal Performance Solo –  K.Will
  • Best Vocal Performance Group – Davichi
  • International Favorite Artist – PSY
  • Best OST – Seo In Guk & EunJi -“Only for You” (Reply1997 OST)
  • Best Music Video – PSY
  • New Asian Artist Group – EXO
  • Style in Music – Gain
  • Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer – BIG BANG
  • Best Rap Performance – EPIK HIGH
  • Best Male Artist – G Dragon
  • 2012 MAMA LINE Award –  Super Junior
  • Artist of the Year –  BIG BANG
  • Album of the Year – SUPER JUNIOR (Sxxy Free & Single)
  • Song of the Year – Psy (Gangnam Style)
  • Best Global Group Female- KARA
  • Best Global Group Male –  Super Junior

K-pop music is advancing beyond Asia and fast becoming a global phenomenon.  The Mnet Asian Music Awards remain the only awards ceremony of its kind in the world, bringing fans the very best in Asian entertainment.

LIVE COVERAGE. Click here to refresh

11:59PM A big thank you to my colleagues Nicole and Kenny for helping me cover this event. Thank you to everyone who followed this article during the event, we hope you had a good night. Until next time, Phillip.

11:18PM PSY’s Gangnam Style wins Song of The Year! PSY said he “could not forget this year,” and revealed that earlier last year he was actually “worried” about his music career. He thanked everyone in the K-pop industry for contributing to the growth of K-pop.

11:13PM Album of the Year goes too… DRUM ROLLS… SUPER JUNIOR’s SXXY, FREE AND SINGLE! The group said they were dedicating the win to Leeteuk who was in the military.

11:07PM Here it goes! The Artist of the Year award goes to… BIG BANG! Congratulation boys! This is their second award tonight.

11:04PM Jackie Chan presents the first grand prize of the night. Jackie Chan calls a PSY a “legend” for achieving his dreams.

11:00PM PSY receives standing ovation for his performance. What an exceptional performer.

10:54PM Mnet has put together an epic introduction package for PSY’s performance. He’s about to go on stage to perform. Crowd goes wild for Gangnam Style – even Taeyang.

10:50PM Super Junior wins Best Global Group – Male! It is their second gong of the night.

10.46PM The award for Best Global Group – Female goes to… drum rolls… KARA. Congratulations! All that promotion in Japan and around the world has paid off!

Seo In Young performs US smash hit Airplanes with B.o.B

10:40PM MAMA winner for Best Vocal Performance K.Will performs Nothin’ On You with B.o.B.

10:35PM The MAMA awards are back. Special stage by B.o.B and Seo In Young. Seo In Young does Hayley William’s part in Airplane justice! What is she wearing though…?

10:24PM How good was BIG BANG’s performance? Another break time before they announce the biggest awards of the night! Artist, song and album of the year! Who will win?

10:15PM ABOUT TIME! Big Bang is performing now! Their performance is titled “THE MONSTER IN ME”. Sounds creepy… but it’s so epic!

10:11PM The MAMA Line Award goes to Super Junior. Super Junior picks up their first award of the night.

G-Dragon wins the Best male Artist award

10:07PM The Best Male Artist award goes too… G-DRAGON! Still waiting for BIG BANG to perform…

10:04PM Congratulations to Epik High on winning Best Rap Performance.

9:50PM The Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer award goes to BIG BANG, who has performed to over 400,000 this year! Wow, congratulations. Epik High collected the award on behalf of Big Bang, who was preparing for their performance.

9:48PM Ga-In wins the Style In Music award.

9:43PM Natthew performs She’s Bad. Chinese group Time Z also performs Hurray For the Idols.

9:42PM Natthew of Thailand and Time Z of China win Best New Group for their countries.

9:39PM The moment is here. Who will win the New Asian Artist Group award? Congratulations… EXO!

9:37PM Li Yichun is awarded with MAMA’s Best Chinese Singer.

9:34PM Chinese singer Li Yichun performs Hello Baby.

9:32PM Chinese singer Joey wins the TVB Choice awards.

9:27PM Gangnam Style wins PSY’s third MAMA award tonight for BEST MUSIC VIDEO. “Please keep clicking on my video.” Psy said.

Sorry Bieber, the Internet is about to break, and it’s not because of you, but PSY

American TV host’s ‘racist’ remarks on PSY: ‘Little fat guy from Pyongyang’

Super Junior lights up for Mr. Simple.

9:17PM MAMA awards are back! Super Junior opens their performance with a James Bond theme inspired performance. They perform SPY and gives an extravagant light performance for Mr. Simple. The crowd goes wild.

9:05PM Seems like there’s another break for the MAMA awards. They’re teasing Super Junior and BIG BANG’s performances. I can’t wait!

9:04PM Singaporean singer Taufik Batisah and Indonesian singer Agnes were awarded Best Singer for their respective countries.

8:52PM SHINee and EXO hold a special ‘time travel’ stage called Time Loop 2012. They perform MAMA, Mirotic, Lucifer and Sherlock+Note.

8:50PM Seo In Guk wins Best O.S.T for All For You.

PSY awarded with Best International Artist

8:46PM PSY wins the Best International Artist award. Surprised? I’m not. Congratulations! “Thanks for giving me this. 2012, I will never forget this year.” The Gangnam Style singer said.

8:38PM f(x)’s Krystal introduces American Idol contestant Adam Lambert. He performs Whataya want from Me. f(x)’s Amber mouths the words, she must like the song.

8:35PM Congratulations to Davichi for winning Best Vocal Performance Group!

Davichi ditches new label, signs with CCM again for a ‘blockbuster’ comeback

8:32PM Best Vocal Solo Performance goes to… K.Will! Powerhouse vocals!

8:25PM Newly crowned Super Star K winner Roy Kim performs for the first time on the MAMA awards. He performs My Way.

8:22PM f(x) wins Best Dance Performance Female Group.

8:17PM The award for Best Dance Performance Male Group goes too…. SHINee! Well deserved. Key looks excited to win. /sarcasm

8:12PM The soul legend JYP performs. He says he’s looking for a girl in Hong Kong. Anyone interested? He’s rich, like super duper rich!

8:06PM The ceremony is back. Wooyoung is paying tribute to JYP’s Memorial. Since when did JYP die? How did I miss this important piece of news?

7:55PM There’s another break now. Big Bang and PSY are performing soon. Has everyone enjoyed the night so far?

7:54PM AKB48 and My Tam wins MAMA awards for Japanese and Vietnamese representative respectively.

7:50PM Y SO SERIOUS?! Epic High performs Don’t Hate Me dressing up in Batman characters The Joker, Bain and Two Face.

7:47PM A cute little Chinese sings about K-pop and about how she’s excited to watch the K-pop performances. Cute.

7:46PM B.A.P wins MNET PD Choice.

7:42PM Best Collaboration Performance goes Troublemakers Hyuna and Hyun Seung! They thank their family.

7:41PM Leehom is presented with Best Asian Artist. Congratulations.

7:37PM Chinese Actor/Singer Leehom performs one of his ballads. This guy looks seriously young for his age!

7:33PM Best Female Group goes to SISTAR. They beat 2NE1 and Girls Generation! Definitely a feat! Congratulations, these girls have worked hard!

7:30PM And the Best Male Group goes to… BIG BANG! They beat Super Junior, BEAST and SHINWA to the award. Congratulations boys. Fantastic Baby! GD collects the awards on behalf of the group.

7:28PM Actress Han Ga-In presents the next award for Best Male Group. She introduces herself in English. Didn’t know how good her English was!

7:25PM And the crowd goes crazy for the Troublemaker couple Hyuna and Hyun Seung

7:22PM SISTAR performs a slow version of Alone right after Ga-In’s seductive performance.

7:17PM PSY wins Best Solo Dance Performance. As if we didn’t see that one coming.

Rookie solo artist Ailee takes the gong home for Best New Female Artist

7:14PM Ailee wins Best New Female Artist! Congratulations! She totally deserves it!

7:12PM SHINee’s Minho and Apink’s Eunji presents the first award, Best New Female Artist.

7:11PM Ahhhhh! Actor Soong Jong Ki is MCing tonight and he speaks a bit of English. Not bad, not bad.

7:05PM G-Dragon shows up on stage and calls out “Hey MAMA!” He’s rapping about the MAMA awards. He introduces Ailee.

7:00PM It’s back! Soong Jong Ki opens the ceremony with a moving tribute performance.

6:55PM Seems like they are taking an ad break because they’ve finish with the red carpet. Maybe the awards ceremony is about to begin! Who will win tonight?

6:43PM PSY HAS ARRIVED! Mnet has promised a better performance of Gangnam Style than MTV. Let’s hope so!

6:39PM Super Junior walks the red carpet, all in black. SM Entertainment must like dressing all their stars in the same colour or something. They are nominated for 5 awards tonight.

Jackie Chan arrives at the red carpet promoting his new film 

6:36PM Jackie Chan arrives on the red carpet and says “Mian-hae-yo, we just came and missed everything.” I love this comedic genius.

6:18PM B.o.B arrives at the red carpet. He will be performing later tonight.

6:06PM Block B performs 난리나/Nalina. Such charismatic performers.

5:53PM You can also stream from the official MNET website, which is streaming a head of the YouTube link. Click here.

5:46PM American Idol’s Adam Lambert arrives on the red carpet. Commentator dubs him as the male Lady Gaga. Says he likes PSY and wants to steal all of Big Bang’s clothes. Lambert will perform later tonight.

5:37PM KPOP Star runner up, Lee Hi (1,2,3,4) arrives on the red carpet and says she’s nervous about performing for the first time. She’s excited to see SHINee and PSY.

5:32PM Bad boys B.A.P performs No Mercy and Stop It. I like what they’re wearing, especially their pants.

5:29PM Kollaboration Star winner, Mike Izon performs Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain. Great range and vocal! Says 2NE1’s Lonely is his favourite K-pop song right now, sings a few lines.

5:13PM Nominated for 4 awards this year, SISTAR has arrived on the red carpet.


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