Lovelyz’ Kei Takes On The World Of Mobile Gaming In Brand New Web Reality Series

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Lovelyz’ Kei puts her hosting and gaming skills to the test by taking the lead in Google Play Korea’s newest web series.

Gamers and K-Pop fans alike have a new series to look forward to! Google Play Korea has recently premiered a new web series titled TwoTorial—which is being hosted by Lovelyz’ Kei!

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A representative from Woollim Entertainment confirmed that Kei had been selected to host the series and encouraged everyone to stay tuned to the series to show support. Kei herself has expressed her excitement for the show, asking fans to stay tuned to the series through a post on her Instagram page.

TwoTorial is a series that follows Kei as she hones her skill in mobile games by teaming up with various guests—all of whom have mastered the games that they will be playing in the episode. The show’s first guest is actor Jo Byeong Gyu, whom she challenges to a rousing game of FIFA Mobile.

New episodes will be released every Friday, 10 AM KST, on the Google Play Korea YouTube account.

Prior to this web series, Kei has proven her talent in hosting through various entertainment programs. The singer had a brief stint as an MC for KBS’ Music Bank, which showcased her ability to engage the audiences’ presence and her strong sense for trends and entertainment.

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Image Source: Google Play Korea